What’s Next for the Levite Summit?

What’s Next for the Levite Summit?

To our friends, supporters and past registrants of Levite Summit:

We are well underway in our planning and registration for Levite Summit 2018!  The next Levite Summit will be held on March 2-3, 2018!  Our goal again this year is to maintain the learning content, but increase the practical application component and give you even more tools and resources. Our Keynote Presenters this year are Bruxy Cavey and Jason Ballard! Workshop presenters will also be announced as we go along! Join our mailing list and we’ll keep you posted! Check out some photos from the 2017 Levite Summit!

We’ve been thinking about ways to increase the value of the equipping and training we do by modifying how we approach the break-out sessions.  A lot can be gained in lecture or panel style breakouts, but we are also thinking of ways to make the sessions more interactive, to create more learning outcomes and application for the participants.  Can the tech teams get their ‘hands on’ and learn?  Can the song-writers actually spend time writing songs?  Can the dancers spend time dancing and the actors spend time acting?  That’s our goal for this upcoming Summit.

We will keep updating this website and our social media presence to keep you in the loop.

God bless you!

Jon Buller and the Levite Summit Planning Team