Q Why do I have to register for a track?

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve received at the Summit is requests from people to be able to sign-up for the sessions they wanted to attend.  This also helps us to make sure there will be space in each session for you to attend your choice of workshop.  We believe this also facilitates the best learning experience as the tracks are being designed to provide both practical learning, but also application through the ‘doing’ of your art form.

If you don’t feel that you fit into a track, you can select MINISTRY/GENERAL TRACK and attend whatever workshop you want!  GENERAL ELECTIVES are first-come-first-serve, and TRACK WORKSHOPS will give priority to those who are in that TRACK.  Remaining space in those workshops is open to any registrant.

Q Who has previously presented/spoken at The Levite Summit?

A Bruxy Cavey was our keynote speaker in Kelowna for 2018. In past years we have enjoyed Steve Bell, Brian Doerksen, Erwin McManus, Roy Salmond, David Ruis and Carolyn Arends as well.  Workshop presenters have included Calum Rees, Pete Davyduck, Alexandra Babbel, Corey Doak, Graham Ord, Jon Buller and many more.

Q I am not an artist or musician but I want to support the Levites in my community. How can I help?

A Well that’s very kind of you! We have a sponsorship program where those who can’t afford to attend receive free registration thanks to your generosity. Simply fill out this online form and we will pass on the blessing.

Q I would love to come but can’t afford the registration.

A Fill out this online form to request a sponsorship.  These are provided on a first come, first serve basis, as they become available based on the sponsorship donations that we receive.  We are praying and inviting people to sponsor registrations this year again, and will offer as many free registrations as we are able, to people with limited financial resources.

Q What are the age limits?

A There are no limits! We welcome everyone at the Levite Summit, but if you are under 18 you will need your parents permission.

Q Is there childcare available?

A We encourage you to make other arrangements for childcare during Levite Summit.

Q Can I buy registration for a specific keynote or breakout session?

A There is one rate for the whole weekend.  You cannot register for separate portions or a specific session at a discounted price.  We have kept the cost for the conference as affordable as possible while being able to pay our bills.  For the sake of logistics and our desire for everyone to experience a full depth and breadth of learning we encourage you to take in the whole conference, and cannot offer separate session rates.

Q Can I bring my instrument?

A Acoustic instruments and hand drums are welcome!

Q Can I cancel my registration?

A Registrations can be cancelled up to two weeks before the conference for a $20 processing fee, and cannot be accepted after that time.  Our budget is prepared to ensure affordability for registrants and good stewardship for the conference (making sure we can pay our bills).  Last minute cancellations add complexity to administration, but also impact the budget negatively, not to mention others that may not be able to attend in the event of a sell out.  The are a limited number of registrations available.

However, registrations are transferable anytime, even upon arrival at the event, for a $10 processing fee.  Thank you for understanding that last minute changes increase administration time and complexity for the administrative staff.

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