What is the levite summit?


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Past keynote presenters have included Erwin McManus, Brian Doerksen, Roy Salmond, David Ruis, and Carolyn Arends.


There are aspects of arts and faith that affect every one of us.  All of the sessions are planned to bring learning, discussion and a deeper look at the arts, worship and leadership.  We focus on the arts, but faith, team life, and leadership are all involved, so you can count on learning about other  disciplines and topics such as liturgy, conflict resolution, prayer, spiritual health / burnout and more.


King David led with skillful hands and integrity of heart. Worship leaders and teams today are called to the same standard. Our presenters will bring wisdom, insight and practical tips.  Instrumentalists learned from expert instructors with experience in a variety of settings. With practical demonstrations and opportunities for interaction, musicians will take their skills to the next level.  That includes the recording artists, where some principles never change.  Artist panelists will address questions and give advice on how to navigate the many aspects of artistic careers.


Fine arts are a valuable part of our culture, community and God’s Kingdom work.  Hands on demonstrations and teaching in a variety of mediums are designed to teach and inspire.


Skills are required to create a creative environment that minimizes distractions and enhances the message and art forms being presented. With unique responsibilities and pressures, technical volunteers and staff are vital to communicating the Gospel. Basic training and round table discussions on best practices will equip tech team members.


We have recently added sessions that centered around leadership principals as well as breakouts for those involved in Student Ministry and Children’s Ministry.  At the Levite Summit you will gain new insights, find new resources, and meet like-minded people that share similar successes and challenges.

The Levite Summit 2015

Keynote Speakers

Breakout Speakers

2015 Schedule


Pre-Conference Songwriting Intensive
Keynote Session & Concert
Late Night Option & Prayer Ministry


Coffee & Morning Worship
Breakout Session #1
15 minute break
Breakout Session #2
Lunch (provided)
Keynote Session
15 minute break
Breakout Session #3
15 Minute Break
Keynote/Closing Session

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